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Cash 2 U

Proudly serving Louisiana for over 18 years, Cash 2 U provides direct lending through our local stores as well as online. We believe in our community and our services are built to help our customers and neighbors no matter what the need. If you need a loan, get the cash you need today from a trusted name you know.

Leading the way for direct lenders in Louisiana, we believe in our community and customers. Our services can help change the common mistakes that many people make when they think about signature and other finance loans.


Where most people think that the service can cost too much and isn’t worth it, it’s a simple and easy method to take care of you and your family. Not only that but because Cash 2 U is a locally owned company, your money isn’t coming from some foreign company or entity.

Backed by proud people and companies that are as much a part of Louisiana as our own customers, borrowing from Cash 2 U is more than just a transaction. It’s a part of our community and that’s a belief that drives us to help our customers when they need it most.


Our loan programs are an easy way to extend your finances when you have any emergency expenses. Life can throw you the unexpected curveball and Cash 2 U gives you a safe way to handle any last minute unplanned bills or repairs.

Hassle free and convenient,  Cash 2 U has basic short term loans that are easy to qualify for. Come down to any of our branches to apply for your loan amount based on your income and pay schedule.

You can apply online for any of our lending services, or visit any of our branches for your funding. Getting an in-store loan typically takes about 10-15 minutes and gets you money fast. Because we are a direct lender, we eliminate the middle-man to give our customers the best rates possible.


Privacy is a big part of our lending practices and we ensure that all of our customers receive the highest level of privacy concerned. Storing your data and information on secured databases, confidentiality is a big part of our services.

Regardless of what your need, Cash 2 U is the local direct lender that makes it easy for you to get funded. Find out which one of our services can help you with the financing you need today.