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Hurricane Center

Hurricane and Bad Weather Information and Resources

***Information gathered from National Hurricane Center and NOAA.Gov- The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Go to   for information from the National Hurricane Center.

We also found easy steps to follow here  Like this one below as well as many others.   


Of course, Cash 2 U is here to help.  If it is not safe for any of our branches to be open, we will close and post a message to that Branch's page.  The best thing you can do for you and your family is prepare at the beginning season and at the very least as soon as you find out there is a storm threatening any area near you.  Due to the nature of hurricanes, you will here conflicting predictions.  The true outcome is not known until it is over, that is why it is important to prepare early. Use the resources to know what you should do. 

We hope this helps you.  We have served your community for 20 years.  We never want any of our Cash 2 U Family (Team members, employees, and customers) to be in any danger.  Prepare early and alway use extreme caution during these times.